Biaks OÜ is an Estonian company founded in 2015, whose main areas of activity are import / export, retail and wholesale of health products. Our products are available in the largest pharmacy chains as well as health stores and stores all over Estonia..

When developing Biaks food supplements and health products, we aim for the highest possible bioavailability, and purity, ease of use and efficiency of the final product. Biaks is one of the few health product brands in Estonia whose food supplements / vitamins do not contain any sweeteners (incl. sugars), fillers, preservatives or other additives. This means that these products taste just like the raw ingredients — these are the purest possible food supplements! On the other hand, our product range also includes food supplements with the most convenient properties, which allow the product to be used in completely innovative ways (e.g. food supplements in chewing gum or vitamins in a spray bottle).

Biaks – “Biologically Activated Systems"” – product series is characterised by:

  • Innovation
  • Highest bioavailability
  • Reliable quality

Biaks is a company that brings people innovative and high-quality food supplements as well as other health products necessary for people in the changing world of the 21st century.

"I have been involved in professional sports for over 10 years and a healthy diet (including vitamins and minerals) plays a big role in achieving good physical shape. This has led me over time to look for and find ever-higher quality health products. As the selection of products with good bioavailability in Estonia turned out to be poor and sometimes, on closer inspection, even incomplete, we established the health care company Biaks to improve the situation!"
Mart Olman
Biaks OÜ
Phone: +372 56646198