About Biaks HealthCare Vending Machines

Biaks Terviseautomaat

Biaks HealthCare Vending Machines offer a fast and convenient access to health products at crowded places. HealthCare Vending Machine payment options include both, paying in cash and by card.

Where can I find Biaks HealthCare Vending Machines?

  • Tallinn University
  • National Library of Estonia
  • Tallinn Viru Bus Terminal
  • Tallinn Airport Schengen
  • Tallinn Airpot NON-Schengen
  • Tallinn Health Care College
  • Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences
  • Tallinn School of Economics

What do Biaks HealthCare Vending Machines offer?

Biaks HealthCare Vending Machines offer (mostly) the following products:

  • Healthy snacks (meal replacements, protein bars, energy bars, fruit bars, muesli bars, vegan products, nuts, dried fruits, snacks for athletes, etc.)
  • Health products (cough, cold, throat, stomach problem products and mouth fresheners, personal protective equipment etc.)
  • First aid products (patches)
  • Healthy drinks (juices, water, vitamin drinks)

What should I do to get a Biaks HealthCare Vending Machine to my office?

Contact our management team by e-mail, biaks@biaks.eu or phone, +37256646198, and we will make an offer for you.