Pepper Spray


Efficient self-defense gas for protection against attacks.

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Efficient self-defense gas for protection against attacks.

Ingredients: cayenne pepper extract (active ingredient capsaicin), propellant 134A/P.

Directions of use; effects:

  • Hold the spray can vertically, point towards the attacker, press the nozzle.
  • Do not spray against the wind direction or closer than 0,5m.
  • Spray covers effectively within 4m radius.
  • Nozzle type: jet
  • Effect: gas irritates skin, eyes and mucous membranes.

First Aid: rinse eyes with water, wash skin with water and soap and let dry in air. Fresh air contributes to normal breathing and relieves burning sensation.
* Use only in an emergency situation and under your own responsibility.
* Keep out of the reach of children.
* Avoid using near elderly, infants, pregnant, asthmatics, people with a heart disease.
* Avoid mechanical damage of the spray can.
*.Do not spray near open fire or burning items.
* Store at temperature -10°C..+50°C